Alot of exciting things going on in the ministry, we are starting a discipleship program for families, and working at creating jobs for indigenous fijians. We are also doing sustainability projects and planning for our future campus. Helping people to help themselves.

Church building project

With development and the building of new relationships in other communities a new building is being built in Belego, Fiji. This is the first church to be built after the community desiring to meet together for fellowship and planning. Click on the "more" button below to see the building plan as it is presently being done.More

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Lumber Mill Launch

The launch to make the work sustainable with the supply of material for up coming projects and buildings. The mill will be operated by local people with idea to provide lumber needed for new school to be built at Island Breeze Fiji. Location is on property on the northern part of the island where we can harvest timber for projects instead of purchase. We were so blessed and look forward to what God is going to Do in Savusavu and to the ends of the earth!



In the near future we are hoping to see the follow projects come into place: